The marshes

A diverse natural setting

The natural landscape set back from the coast is divided in two: you can see the Brittany marsh north of the Vendée and the Poitou marsh in the south of the department. There’s also a woodland with Mervent forest and the great Luçon plain.

The Brittany marsh:

The Brittany marsh is a biological treasure trove between the sea and mainland. It covers over 45,000 hectares of damp meadow. The marsh is home to vibrant flora and fauna with rare species. The Brittany Vendée marsh has held onto its environment and traditions. It’s easy to explore this area sailing in a traditional skiff or on foot.

The Poitou marsh:

The Poitou marsh is famous for its 90,000ha web of canals and nature. Explore the marsh on a guided boat trip along the canals. The marsh is a complex and vulnerable setting managed by man and teeming with incredible flora and fauna.